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Social Networks

An online community created for users to connect, communicate, and share.

Social Documents

Document sharing sites are usually sites where you can upload text documents, presentations, and PDF files.

Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarking on the Internet allows users to store, save, categorize and organize a personal collection of bookmarks and share them with others.

Web Portals

A web portal allows users to manage their data, applications and information more easily, and through personalized views.

Our Elgg® services include:


Elgg Themes

We have been building themes for Elgg since 2008. We have a number of pre-made Elgg themes available for purchase. Some even free.

Elgg Plugins

Plugins extend the functionality of your Elgg website. We offer a few pre-made plugins in our Elgg store.

Elgg Sites

Elgg is extremely extendable, making it the perfect choice for creating all types of custom websites.

Elgg Hosting

We offer very powerful hosting, at fair prices. All of our hosting plans include FFMPEG for videos.