Beautifully Crafted
Web Applications, Websites, And Social Networks

What we do:

We use web technologies, hand crafted and considered, turning your ideas into beautiful, engaging digital experiences.

How we do it:

We take the 3D approach. Draft, Develop, then Design

Step 1:

Once your project is accepted, our team holds a brainstorm meeting to put together mindmaps of how your project should function, and how each element of the project should interact.

Step 2:

We take an "inside-out" approach to our projects, meaning that we first start with the backend, server side development, creating all the necessary functionality with a skeleton front end.

Step 3:

Once we are happy with the basic functionality, we begin putting the finishing touches on the frontend design. We build all projects with a "mobile first" priority, so they are responsive on all devices.

We give you the tools you need to keep up to date with the status of your project:

Mantis® Bug Tracker

We utilize an internal installation of MantisĀ® Bug Tracking software.
Our Mantis® bug tracking system gives our clients a centralized place to report bugs, or feature requests directly to our design/development staff. Clients can easily follow the progress of their bug report via email alerts.

BitBucket® Code Repository

All of our client code is kept safe in our BitBucket® repository. Clients are given privileges to view and download their code at any time during the development/design process.

Access to SociaLabs®

SociaLabs® is our primary development server. Our clients projects are hosted on this server throughout the development process. Clients are encouraged to check their project often to see how we are progressing.

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