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Don't just add social features to your website, add a full featured social network!


Your new social network is responsive, meaning it adjusts its size and layout to fit its surroundings.

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 Feature Packed

Keep your site visitors entertained with a feature packed social network.

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 Easy To Install

Just add one little line of code to your website, and your social network will fit itself in snugly.

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Whether you are looking to fill an entire page, or just a section of a page, your SocialApparatus social network will adjust.

To make your social network fill the entire page, add data-width, data-height, and data-margin attributes to your embed code.

<script src = '//socia.us/source.js' id='socia_embed' data-width='100%' data-height='auto' data-margin='0px' data-id='xxxxxx'></script>

 Feature Packed

Our social networks are packed full of features that your site users will love! We're always working on adding more!

Currently, all of our social networks come with these features: Audio Player, Blogs, Bookmarks, Content Reporting, Events, File Sharing, Groups, Group Forums, Likes, Microblogging, Notifications, Pages (wikis), Photos, Messaging, Profiles, and User Dashboards.

Our Premium Package also includes: Video Sharing, The ability to embed your own Google ads, and the ability to remove our link from the bottom of your site.

 Easy to Install

Upon registration, you will be provided with your site code. To embed your social network into your website, simply paste this code into your site HTML.

If you're using WordPress, download our WordPress plugin, and you're all set.

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You can change your theme as often as you like to make your social network match your existing website.

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