About Me

I am the Elgg Man!

Hi, my name is Clifton "Shane" Barron. I have been building websites since the early 1990's, mostly working remotely from home developing PHP and database driven MySQL websites with Elgg.

I am familiar with many website frameworks, and have even developed one of my own. You can learn more about SocialApparatus® here. SocialApparatus® helps save time on web development, allowing developers to give more value to to their clients for their buck.

I am based in Seffner, FL USA and work independently. I do not outsource any work, when you hire me, you communicate directly with me and I do all of the work.

What I Do

I build all kinds of websites from personal blogs to full fledge social networks. I take care of the backend, frontend, hosting, and domain registration.

When you hire me, I take care of the whole process from beginning to end. No need to hire another designer or developer. I guarantee my work for life. If you ever have an issue with any code I've programmed, I'll fix it for free. I'll never leave a client hanging.

How to Hire Me

When you hire a freelancer working remotely, a big challenge is communication. With most correspondence over email, its really important to clearly detail the work that needs done.

Simply contact me with your requirement, and once I have a definition of the job to be done, I will provide you with an estimate to build your website, send you a contract and invoice for deposit. I accept credit card payments through Square. Depending on the size of the project milestone payments may be requested, or full payment at the delivery of the job.