Quick Start

This guide will show you the basics of developing with SocialApparatus


First, download the framework from GitHub https://github.com/socialapparatus/socialapparatus/archive/master.zip, and extract it to your web server html folder.

Next create a data folder somewhere on your system, and remember the path to that folder. While you're at it, give that folder 777 permissions. (It's best to have this folder outside your servers html folder.)

Next create a database for the website, and remember the database credentials.

After everything above is setup, wisit your site url. You will then be prompted to enter some information. Fill out the forms that are displayed, and your site will be installed.

Creating your admin user

Next register your first user. This user will be the site admin. Remember your credentials, and login.

Next visit your admin panel by clicking the admin link at the top of the page. From the admin panel, you will be able to change aspects of your site, and enable/disable various plugins.

Build your first plugin

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